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The Passafire, Portable Hot Water

The Pass-a-Fire (trailered hot water heater) uses hot water to heat the contents of a rail tanker instead of steam.  The Pass-a-Fire heats many kinds tanks with hot water.  It is self-contained and needs little maintenance.  

When a user has only a few cars a month, the overhead of a large boiler system, dedicated operators, steam lines, fuel, and the other accouterments required to legally operate and administer a large boiler system become prohibitively expensive.  


Portable Hot Water

The Pass-a-Fire, Portable Hot Water Heater

After years of development, trials, and improvements, the Pass-a-Fire represents the best of what we know about heating rail tank cars with hot water. If you would like a downloadable brochure, click here.

The Pass-a-Fire works as a stationary or portable unit.  The single heater version Pass-a-Fire burns about 6-7 gallons an hour at high fire.  Your run time with the 100-gallon fuel tank, before a refill is about 14-15 hours.  You can hook up a large fuel tank and run longer.  Running High fire continously is not expected, we expect, your fuel usage is less.

The Pass-a-Fire is designed to operate at and below 180° F.  It is a self-contained 30 GPM system.  The hot water is circulated in and out of the 600 gallon reservoir.   A direct drive pump takes the water from the reservoir and send it coursing through the steam coils of the rail tanker.  It is meant to be operated without much supervision.

This is a simple, sturdy machine with great sub-components, put together by top notch craftsmen.  If proper maintenance is done, you will enjoy years of serviceability.  All parts are warrantied for one year.  Some parts (like the heater) have longer sub-warranty periods on items like the heating coils (5 years).

We encourage you to receive our free training and demonstration of the Pass-a-Fire at the factory at the time of pickup.  Meet the team.  See the factory, put faces to names.


HEATER: Model 700 with 115 Volt Burner, 700,000 BTU’s input with Exhaust Stack

ENGINE: 10.5 HP Kohler Diesel Water Cooled Engine with Electric Start and 12 Volt Battery

Example Set Up - This is a 9.5 HP Kohler for a Hydra 150

FUEL TANK: 100 Gallon Fuel Tank

GENERATOR: Wanco 9500 Watt Generator to operator 760 Water Heater and 5 HP Circulation

CIRCULATION PUMP: 316 Stainless Steel Rotary Gear Positive Displacement Pump Hot Water Circulation

CENTRIFUGAL PUMP: 1-1/4” x 1” Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Belt Drive with 12 Volt Magnetic Clutch, 30 GPM for

TANK: Insulated 600 Gallon Square Water Tank, 11 Gauge steel, 48” x 48” x 60” H

 FRAME: Heavy Steel Channel Skid Frame

Pump, 3 HP 230 Volt, 20 GPM @ 125 PSI, up to 280F


Examples of portable water heater build.

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Manifold ISO Container Heater.  Heat ten tanks or more with independent temperatures and web based controls.

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