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Quality Service

Quality service comes from great vendors.  The best vendors in the world live right here in the USA.  We hand select a local vendor before installation and start up.  If you already have a respected vendor, we work with your vendor.  The one-two combination of ASME and board oversight combined with the trades down to earth, serious ability makes quality service before, during and after the warranty, well fun.

Super Support

Everyone is on board the same train.  We, to a person, want your satisfaction and happiness. The factories that make the parts, the fabricator, the vendors and ourselves, Hydra Boilers want you to have reliable, efficient, well-running, smoothly operating portable steam boilers.

Our Vendor Companies

Manac is the largest trailer manufacturer in Canada.  Grundfos pumps is one of the largest companies in Scandinavia. Boilersmith is "Canada's Boiler Maker".  Honeywell has 1250 sites - 70 countries.  The list goes one.  Only the best goes into Hydra Portable Steam Boilers.

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