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Portable Steam Boilers

Hydra Portable Steam Boilers

Best mix of Quality and Price

People wonder and search for the term "what is the best boiler brand?".  We can answer this question.  The best boiler brand is one that suits your needs, has a good reputation, and is operationally efficient.

If you need a portable steam boiler (20-400 BHP) then we believe that Hydra is a contender to be the best brand for you.

Hydra Industries Group (HIG), gives the best mix of quality and price.  We distribute from Canada to the United States.

HIG works in in conjunction with its manufacturing partner Roco of Quebec. Together, we combine our sales and engineering ability, with their fabrication capabilities. Roco operates a fleet of portable steam boilers. If an emergency occurs, rental is possible.

Inside HIG boiler rooms, we use Boilersmith Boilers. Boilersmith is a company called "Canada's Boiler Maker." Boilersmith (and its predecessor companies) have made boilers on the same site for 100+ years.  The employee pool is deep and experienced.  Boilersmith builds great boilers with all ASME and USA requirements. Many of their customers report boiler service life of over 30 years. We offer customers an elevated level of value, unmatched in the industry.

We specialize in gas-powered, oil-powered and duel-fuel portable steam boilers.

Inside look at Hydra portable steam boiler room
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60 BHP in a sea container Portable Steam Boiler

Transloading is easier with Hydra Boilers

Hydra Steam Boilers for Transloading. Hydra Portable Steam boilers are reliable and efficient, Canada import, call us!

A sampling of the diverse range of uses include:

1) transloading liquids.

2) steam cleaning.

3) injecting steam into a wide variety of processes applications.

HIG engineering resources are substantial and comprehensive.  Cooperation is active. The technicians with decades of experience and the degreed engineers produce "best" solutions. Hydra follows with ASME and the USA national board certifications. Hydra Boilers meet local regulations too.

Customizations and options meet your application demands. Example: One customer wants a dual pump feedwater supply. A different customer wants a single pump. HIG learns about your use and gives the best "bang" for your money.

We offer:

1) Single and dual pump configurations.

2) Single and many header options.

3) Other customizations to meet the demands of your application.

Hydra portable steam boilers come in skid mounted, trailer mounted and containerized versions. All Hydra equipment delivers robust fabrication and common-sense maintenance. We furnish you with a solution to fit your process, space, and mobility requirements.

Sometimes, solutions are not obvious. One customer, sanctioned in California, needed a burner.  It was an unexpected expense.  The boiler was necessary but too big for the task. We engineered a smaller than the boiler burner with better heat exchange and less fuel cost.  The burner costs a little more than half of the local options.

HIG takes the time upfront to understand your capabilities, needs, and expectations.  In boilers, one size does not fit all. Understanding items like this list (and more) is part of HIG due diligence:

1) Use

2) Location

3) Cost

4) Mission criticalness

5) Spare Parts availability

Sales produce schematics and cartoons describing the new portable steam boiler. Of course, no charge for sales work and problem-solving.

Our customized portable steam boiler systems incorporate the finest quality components. We integrate components from brands with top reputations. Robust Power Flame burners have spare parts available. Grundfos pumps never seem to need spare parts. We use latest Honeywell controls and LMI chemical pretreatment systems.

HIG supplies portable steam boilers for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Production plants, food processing facilities, hospitals, other institutional spaces and more. HIG serves the transload industry (heating of liquids, and tanks). Hydra portable steam boilers deliver 50 to 600 BHP. Call about projects in the mining, aluminum smelting, and other heavy industrial applications.  Self-housed boilers work well in rough environments.

To learn more about our portable steam boilers or to make an inquiry, contact us.

Another view of insulated steam lines.
Exterior valves with a close fit. Arranged for no mistakes operation.