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Hydra Portable Steam Boiler Units for Rail Tank Cars

These Canadian made boilers mounted on a truck or in a sea container have a range of power.  We make units for one rail tank car or twenty.

Please let us know your needs and you'll be happy with the price/quality mix.

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Hydra Boilers offers innovation, reliability, performance and extended warranties in its quest to become one of the top suppliers in the USA.

Over 35 years’ experience in Quebec with simple, sturdy Canadian construction, these units are pretty excellent. The prices are exceptional.

We bring peace of mind that comes from making the right choice.  It makes living easier.  Good Stewardship is getting the right quality and price mix. It does not hurt that the Canadian exchange rate is low, that we are in introduction mode and the third largest private lender in the country, Ascentium, offers a capital lease program,

Well-made equals easy to maintain.  Good parts like Grundfos, Honeywell, and others mean reliable performance.  Hydra Boilers sells top of the line, portable steam boiler.

Our portable steam boilers are a well-regarded choice from any perspective. 100 Years in boiler manufacturing business at the same spot and 35 Years fabrication experience is serious business.

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