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The Patent Pending
Hydra Nozzler

cropped-hhi-spray-steam-nozzle-2015-derek-penderagras16The patent pending spray steam nozzler fits into the nozzle of the rail tank car. It has fixtures for steam and rotating high-pressure jet nozzles.  Run steam and your high pressure at the same time.  Made of stainless steel (titanium on request) this tool saves time and gets tanks clean faster.  The steamer circle may be purchased separately.

Hook steam and water supply up at the same time.  Run steam and water at the same time or one at a time.  Huff and puff if you like, run steam, then water, then steam over and over.

This is an efficient use of resources.  One hookup, new ways to get things cleaner.

Designed to fit in the nozzle of the manway.  Custom versions available.  Fit to stay put in the nozzle - the Nozzler!


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The Nozzler - Advantages, Features, and Benefits


Introducing the Nozzler, a 2 for 1 lance that combines heat and rotary jet cleaning.


Better cleaning means less time in confined spaces

The Nozzler combines steam and a rotary nozzle into one device. Cleaning power increases.“ The findings suggest that the right combination of flow characteristics at a given temperature and concentration is crucial to achieving fast cleaning in all cases.”  This study abstract notes that hydrated surfaces are important too.  The Nozzler hydrates.  


Faster Cleaning means less expense

The increased kinetic energy from heat does a better, quicker job than cleaning with cold.  The Nozzler provides heat from steam during cleaning.

Methods: 1) Steam before cleaning to heat and hydrate the surface.  2) Steam on during cleaning to heat. 3) “Burping”, is another method.  The user heats with the steam, then turns off the steam during cleaning.  When one cycle is complete, the user heats again and repeats as needed.

Ease of use saves labor costs

The Nozzler requires one set up.  Current practice takes two set ups.  Steam hoses are set and the tank steamed.  Then remove the steam hoses and set the lance for the tank cleaning nozzles.  The “Nozzler” allows both these steps at once.  The steam and the hot water are set into place with one operation.

The Nozzler is safer than current practice

It takes two trips to the top of the tank.  The first trip is the place the steam.  The second trip is to remove the steam.  These extra trips are not needed because the combination Nozzler combines the trips.  Trips to the top of the tank are dangerous. Less trips = less danger.  Less danger = safer.

Expandable, customizable Nozzler

The Nozzler works in large or small configurations.  A big tank with a long lance or a small tank with a smaller opening is fine.  The possibilities are endless.  The Nozzler is scalable, strong, and inexpensive.

The Nozzler lance construction is simple and strong

The construction of the Nozzler is simple. In the rail tank car configuration, it measures 67 inches tall. The top of the wedge has a diameter that is a bit over 20 inches. The parts include the steam ring, the coupler, pipe, and a manway wedge.  This innovative assembly breaks down for travel.   
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