Welding Titanium and Other Metals with Sparky, Argon Welding Glovebox.
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Sparky Three, the single workstation workhorse
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To boost the production of your welding operations, at Hydra Industries Group we manufacture standard and custom argon gas glove box chambers. Our patent-pending design provides a low oxygen welding gas atmosphere for achieving the highest quality, professional results for titanium welding, aluminum welding, stainless steel welding,  and other metals. As the most comfortable and easy to use welding chambers on the market, our products save money if you use shielding gas on a regular basis.  The Sparky is are rich with productivity enhancing features and are easy to operate.

Think about the Sparky as a stationary argon welding machine.

Simple to use, plug up an Argon gas cylinder, wait for the exchange of oxygen to argon and the industrial (fine grade argon gas (.9995) provides an atmosphere for welding any part that fits into the big mouth Sparky.

Tests to 20 PPM (and below) used Argon at about 6-times volume.  Some purge chambers operate at 8-times volume.  The Sparky uses 75% of the gas of some other argon gas glove box chambers.  Up to four pass-throughs fit on a Sparky.  Sparky's pass-through atmospheric chambers are fast and designed for ease of use.  The automated slides glide out with a push of a button.

Argon inert gas gloveboxes prevent oxidation, reduce cracking and shrink operational costs.


Sparky 3, Complete, Perspective with Decals and Gloves

Sparky is for low oxygen welding of titanium and other metals

Welding titanium with the Sparky Argon Welding Machine Glovebox is easy. Big work areas, Built for production with wide and big openings. Torch included. We make argon glove boxes for welding titanium and other metals.



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Gas Train, Sparky, Argon, Inert Gas Welding Glovebox


Our process starts with listening.  

Inert Atmosphere for Clean Welds

Atmospheric oxygen poses a problem; it causes welds to underperform.  It is surprising how little oxygen measured in parts per million affects the weld.  Here is a photo of stainless steel welds from Intercon Enterprises.

Sparky, our patent pending displacement argon welding chamber relies on displacement more than dispersion.

It is challenging to build a displacement glove box chamber, but the rewards are tangible:

  1. Less argon
  2. Quicker times to atmosphere

A non-vacuum chamber like the Sparky offers

  1. Increased visibility with big windows
  2. Bigger volume

Sparky glovebox argon welding chamber adds convenience

  1. Larger pass throughs
  2. Automated large pass-throughs
  3. Assist Springs

To the extent possible we “origami.”  Complex shapes are cut and folded for the hood and body for fewer welds and clean finish.  Passivation comes with your build.  These are pretty, stainless steel chambers that anyone would be proud to own.

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Three foot, Six Foot and Custom Gloveboxes