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Sparky 3
Three Feet Wide, Two Feet Deep

Two feet deep and three feet wide, the Sparky 2, Glovebox welding chamber is convenient.

HIG sells the most comfortable and easy to use welding chambers

Our products are rich with productivity enhancing features and are easy to operate. Low-pressure operations and good exchanges save operational expense.


Water torches, Gas TIG torches, both are "hardwired" into the Sparky titanium welding chamber.  The Sparky argon welding chamber comes with torches and easy torch plates should you want to change out your torch to something else.


The ten-inch glove ports are great for mobility.  We supply size nine gloves with large ports because one is already confined, small holes are too claustrophobic.

Stainless Steel

Passivated Stainless Steel construction.


Argon gas comes in pure .95 and very pure varieties .995. To start your Sparky use the less expensive Argon (or mix as you prefer) and then, after four exchanges, plug in the good stuff.


Sparky 3, Sidebox with Torch Hookup

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