Proposal Sparky-2 - Limited offer $2,950 - a small, solid welding chamber
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Proposal Sparky-2 – Limited offer $4,950

Sparky 2 Proposal for Stainless Steel


  • Sparky 2 Delivery in four to six weeks
  • Note: If the purchaser desires to trade in the Sparky 2 for a bigger unit, it may do so within the first 30 days of possession and receive a full value credit. This credit does not include shipping and crating costs back to the manufacturer’s shop in Quebec.  Shipping and crating costs are paid independently of the credit.
  1. Description –
  2. Note that the protective paper is on the windows.  When you get your Sparky, peel it off.



A torch and short cable come with the Sparky.   We use a Dinse connector on the outside of the chamber for easy hook up to the welder and fasten the short lead torch to the inside.  This maintains the seal or atmosphere.

A few highlights:

  1. 3-point hinge system allowing exterior clamps.
  2. Larger tempered glass areas with UV tinting increase visibility and safety.
  3. Gas-filled support tubes support the hood for easy opening.

2017 Sparky, Patent Pending 2’ design

A partial list of improvements to the Patent Pending 2017 Sparky:


Draw latches Tempered Glass (Not plastic)
Custom 3 point hinges Continuous Gasket System
UV Protection Needle Valve
Bigger Internal Volume Argon Delivery Manifold

Sparkys are easy to use.  Glovebox Purge-style, inert gas welding chambers, don’t have much in the way of moving parts.  The Sparky 2, without a sidebox requires opening the top valve and then gently introducing gas to the manifold.

Before you get your Sparky, it has to pass a Factory Acceptance Test.  Even though the 2×2 is our smallest model, it is still built for production.  The big mouth opening and high internal dimensions mean that many parts fit inside the Sparky.



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