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Quick Start Guide Sparky 3

This Quick Start Guide shows the basic principles of Sparky operation.

Tested at 5 PPM the Sparky 3.   Good atmospheres are not easy to achieve.  Please follow this quick start guide.

Connect your torch according to the labeled chart.  Hardwired torch connections reduce the possibility of atmosphere infiltration into the Sparky.

Next, purge the Sparky with two bottles.  One hooked up to the side box and the other connected to the main box.

For testing, we use one exchange an hour (16 CFH). We believe that the slow flow reduces internal turbulence and gets to a good atmosphere quickly.  The user may experiment and use different flows – which ever flow is best for your application (depends on PPM targets) may be used.

Once the desired atmosphere is reached, then turn down the red bottle and turn down the green bottle, for atmosphere maintenance.  When the side box is used.  Turn the valve under the side box so that the side box is fed by the red bottle.  Turn up the red bottle to enforce the quick reach to the atmosphere.

After the part is inserted, turn the red bottle down again to preserve Argon.  In the factory, we turn the bottles down to less than 5 CFH.