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Magnetic Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

Our patent pending Pipe Insulation is coming soon. Pipe Insulation is essential, but it can be expensive and difficult to install. Our magnetic pipe insulation solutions are cutting edge, cost-effective, and are easy to install.

Magnets Baked In

Patent pending magnetized connection system for rigid pipe insulation See insulating your pipes is important.  Our flexible solutions meet needs with a variety of custom configurations.

Patents Pending

We began developing our clasping system in 2015 to meet the demands of an emerging global market. We developed an incredible product, and applied for multiple patents with Thomas|Horstemeyer -our Patent Attorneys. Patents protect everyone.


Magnetized pipe insulation is coming soon, and we assure you that it will be the highest quality, most cost-effective system to meet your pipe insulation needs.

Patent Pending Magnetic Clasping System

Magnetized – This is what makes our insulation unique. Simply slide the two pieces in place and click them together and your product is installed.
• If your primary concern is insulation, we can help, saving energy, we have a solution for that, protect your employees or customers, we can do it.
Various Clasping Systems – We have clasping systems that include fin molds, insulation molds, and various alternatives. No matter what you need, we have a solution to fit your situation.
Various Sizes – If you need insulation that is thick or thin, we have a size to meet your need. No matter what it is for, or where it needs to be, we can make sure that insulation makes sense for you.



Why You Might Need Pipe Insulation?


Condensation Control – Moisture can lead to various kinds of corrosion. Our patent pending products prevent condensation and control moisture and corrosion.
Frozen Pipes – The last thing a company needs are frozen pipes. Our product is a cost-effective way to prevent pipes from freezing.
Energy Saving – No matter your heat flow or the pressure in your pipes, they all lose energy. Insulating your pipes will save you money in the long term.
Protection from Injury – If pipes are operating at extremely high or extremely low temperatures, there is a possibility of injury. Avoid lawsuits and insulate your pipes.
Control the Noise – Pipework can cause noise to travel all over your building leading to noise pollution and distraction. Make sure your pipes are insulated to avoid this.


Cutting-Edge Solutions

Our patent pending Pipe Insulation is installed through a cutting-edge process and is coming soon! What makes our product unique? Our pipe insulation comes in all the major types from numerous suppliers, but is installed easily through our patent pending system. The two pieces of pipe insulation are easily snapped together using magnets that we install directly into the material, the gaps are filled, and the installation is complete. It couldn’t be easier. Don’t worry about expensive installation costs, difficulty getting into hard to reach places, or making a huge mess.

Cost Effective

The Cold Insulation market is expected to be a 4.8 billion dollar industry by 2018.* As you can imagine, the rising demand for insulation solutions in traditional markets, as well as in expanding global markets, means that the cost of insulation is on the rise. However, much of this cost is a result of high installation prices. Whether a company has miles of pipe to lay, or whether the installation is in a difficult or dangerous location, installation can be costly. We can drastically cut down on the installation costs with our patent pending magnetic clasping pipe insulation.