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This magnetic insulation is " genius". 

Specifying Architect

Magnetic Insulation

"I love working with you guys"



Send us the prototypes and we'll take them to the shows.  No one else has solved the problem of insulating Quonset Huts.

Steel Building Manufacturer

Magnetic Insulation

Please quote me another one.  I appreciate you always helping, no matter what the problem. (Customer bought two units in 2011.)

ISO Tank Supplier


Sometimes a customer makes a request for specialized equipment or tools, other times we need one internally. Our tools are well-made, reasonably priced, frequently covered by patents and patent applications. For example, Sparky 2, our argon glovebox welding chamber is an excellent piece of equipment in use by a major airline and the Department of Defense.

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Downloadable Brochure: nmp-container-w-insulation

Patent Pending Mobile Wash Trailer

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This mobile wash trailer is designed to clean two tank cars at the same time.  It is self-contained.  Several unique and time savers on board.  A unified cover holds the jet and the steam, so cleaning takes place without additional movement.  The lift is easy to use with equipment racks built in.  The entire trailer is run with hydraulics, with a common source.  The boiler is, in this case a Clayton.