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Nozzler Story

The Nozzler: A Smart Way to Get Your Tanks Clean

Greg was at it again, spending extra time with outdated equipment to ensure his tank cars were clean: constantly getting on and off the tank to change out rotary nozzles with steamers and spending more time inside the tank to ensure the job got done. He was always worried about a fall. With all the advances in technology, he thought that there had to be a better way.

Little did Greg know about the Nozzler, a true advancement in impingement tank cleaning technology. This new patent-pending device allows you to use both steam and rotary jet-spraying at the same time. An impingement jet nozzle and steam ring are built into a supporting cap, which conveniently fits into the tank manhole without any extra support.

The Nozzler harnesses both heat and kinetic energy to complete the job quickly. This equals fewer trips to and from the tank changing equipment, as well less time spent inside cleaning it.

You can completely customize the Nozzler’s length so that it works on tanks of all depths. Only need the steamer? Or just the rotary nozzle? No problem: you can purchase the ring separately, in the case where only heating of the tank is desired.

Check out the concept video on our website to see how easy the job can be.

The Nozzler comes standard in stainless steel or light-weight titanium upon request. Engineered and built with the concept of “simple” and “strong,” this device provides many years of service. Send us an email with your questions.

Increase employee productivity and safety. Please give us a call today (888) 694-9372  so that we can build you a customized Nozzler for your tank cleaning needs!