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Sparky, Patent Pending Argon Glove box Displacement Titanium Welding Chamber

Innovation drives our products to be faster, work better and offer more efficiencies

Steam and Hot Water, portable steam boilers and portable hot water

Available in various configurations.  Fewer service calls and fuel efficiency is key.  Our innovation in steam and hot water is simplicity without sacrifice.  Better performance without being over or under-engineered.

Patent Pending Nozzler

For cleaning tanks.  Save time because the manway adapter has both steam and rotary impingement going on at the same time.  Reduce the time in confined spaces.  Saves, labor, time and some of the hassle factor.

Sparky, Patent Pending titanium welding chamber

The Sparky displacement chamber efficiently provides great atmospheres without the added weight, heft, motors and pumps of vacuum chambers.

Induction heating of Rail tank cars, Pipes, and Process

The power of induction for heating is high temperatures and control. Talk to us about "conditioning" instead of a process for oils.  Waste oil, waxy crudes, bitumen and other oils may be conditioned instead of "refined" at less cost.  We think about this as a scalpel versus an ax.

Patent Pending Magnetic Insulation

Magnetic Insulation is, according to an architect reviewer, "genius".  Quonset Huts are notoriously hard to insulate, and we have Quonset Hut insulation to discuss.  Cabinets, Pipe, Sheet and other insulation uses that have steel or metal on one side work great with magnetic insulation.

Custom and New Projects

Custom and new are not a problem.  Our engineering teams are great.  You'll be surprised at how easy it is to go from request to a new product.

Michael, this magnetic insulation is " genius". 

Specifying Architect

Magnetic Insulation

"I love working with you guys"



Send us the prototypes and we'll take them to the shows.  No one else has solved the problem of insulating Quonset Huts.

Steel Building Manufacturer

Magnetic Insulation

Please quote me another one.  I appreciate you always helping, no matter what the problem. (Customer bought two units in 2011.)

ISO Tank Supplier

Inside look at Hydra portable steam boiler room
Inside look at Hydra portable steam boiler room

Contact us and see how easy it is

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  The new 2017 Pass-a-Fire produces about 42 BHP of hot water.  It is an efficient method of water heating two rail tank cars at the same time.  The cost is lower because it runs at atmospheric pressure. Self-contained - it needs no additional support to go to work.  Sturdy, with known sub-components, it is built for ease of maintenance and longevity. 


Executive Team

Shafik H. Ladha, Chairman & CEO

Seasoned former chairman of a publicly traded bank and an international entrepreneur who speaks seven languages; founded and oversaw a global group of companies with operations in Africa, Europe, the Far East, and the U.S. Experience covers a wide breadth of industries, including petroleum, banking, real estate, manufacturing and international trade.

Michael Hoffman, President, and Chief Inventor

Mr. Hoffman invented a variety of products and had over 40 patent applications in various stages (international, utility and provisional).  He developed commercial properties for 20 plus years. Mr, Hoffman develops and maintains a project and development pipeline for the Hydra Industrial Group.


Ad Hoc Engineering and Science Teams with members like these are created for each project

Jacobs Consultancy

Shuping Wang, Ph.D., Thermodynamics

Joe Stupak, MS, Magnetics

Fongloon Pan, MS, Computational Fluid Dynamics

John Cheng Ph.D., Hydraulics

Garrick Mitchel, Web designer, ex-Googler

George Dallas, Ph.D., Material Science

Roco Boilers, Steam