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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Mission

Our intellectual property provides compelling benefits and protections to the Hydra Industries Group (and its sister companies) by vigorously pursuing and maintaining our patent portfolio.


We have more than 40 applications filed with the United States Patent office and several international applications.

Trade Secrets and inadvertent co-invention

We protect our trade secrets, inadvertent co-invention, and know-how with non-disclosure agreements that assign intellectual property derived from our inventions back to us.

We protect our proprietary IP, including trade secrets or other IP that may not be patented or patentable, with confidentiality agreements and (as applicable) inventors’ rights agreements with our subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, consultants, strategic partners and employees. We encourage our scientists and engineers to monitor our competitors, their products and their literature to stay abreast of the latest technology developments and to make sure our technology is not being used without our authorization.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Constantly, our IP portfolio is improving, including patents, trade secrets, software and/or copyrights relating to heating, magnetics, and other fields.