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Sparky, Argon Welding chamber is sometimes called an Inert Gas Glovebox

The Sparky is an Inert Gas Glovebox.  One primary function is to prevent oxidation.  Inert gases (e.g.argon or argon and a mix like helium) and no oxygen prevent oxidation.

Cracking - from atmospheric conditions is less. Stainless Steel, Titanium and Aluminum benefit from inert gas welding chambers like the Sparky family of glovebox chambers.

The cost effectiveness with pass throughs means that instead of re-purging each use, an airlock is repurged to allow parts in and out. In many cases, this is a lot less expensive than manual shielding, less gas, and less work too.


Photo Essay of A Sparky 3

Pass Through Side of Sparky 3, Labeled Side Box Annotation Frame Annotation Hood Annotation Sparky with Martin

TIG welding stainless steel and aluminum benefit from the Sparky, inert gas chambers

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Large Pass Through with Slide for Sparkys, Inert Gas Glovebox
Large Pass Through with Slide
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Large Pass Through on Sparky
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