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Custom Installations from 250 KW to 10 Megawatts


Hydra Heating Industries provides patent pending portable coils which magnetically affix to the sides of the tank. A typical installation has six coil units attached to the side of a 30,000-gallon tank.

Tuned inductive power to the coils provides alternating current to the coils which excites resistance and heats the tank. The temperatures are low, 200F to 300F, and do not affect the steel tank.

Coils Power Trailer Sparge

The Patent Pending Electromagnetic Rail Tank Car Heater is available in portable or stationary versions. The trailer-mounted model heats one or two general purpose rail tankers. The portable unit contains a light “deck” crane that transfers the forty pound frames and coils closer to the tank, reducing the time and labor of insulation. Tthe trailer contains the electromagnetic power supply (sea container) the generator (on- deck behind the cab). The stationary version heats up to twenty general purpose rail tankers at one time.