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Induction heating of OTR Tank Trailer

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Gas fired heaters for heavy liquids are hot and keep liquids flowing - why induction?

Induction allows full loads.  No flame and no fuel (except a bit to run the standby generator).

Our unique PTO uses traction as the primary power source.


“Induction heating is a non-contact method of heating a conductive body by utilizing a strong magnetic field” Wikipedia.

Portable, powerful induction heating heats Over the Road Tank Trailers with radially bent inductive heating coils.

Hydra Heating Industries, LLC developed the Patent Pending Induction Over the Road Induction system to heat trailers while moving or stationary.

Coils are curved to the radius of the trailer and emit magnetic energy which excites the steel – heating it quickly and safely. The coils do not emit heat like convection heaters, they emit magnetic fields that find resistance in the carbon steel of the trailer.

The temperature range, while plenty hot, is too low to effect changes in the steel of trailer, but high enough to heat liquids in the tank.