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Hydra Heating Industries, LLC guarantees the performance of the Induction Heater for one year from the first date of operation. For a fee, service contracts are available for guarantees up to 20 years.

The induction heater heats fluid in general purpose, uninsulated, carbon steel rail tanker cars. 80% of the power consumed heats the contents of the rail tanker. As long as the induction heater is operated properly, the length of time to heat is dependent on three sets of variables. Ambient conditions, characteristics of the heated fluid and convection.

The performance characteristics:

Efficiency: Approximately 80% of input power is delivered to the target, which is a standard carbon steel general purpose uninsulated rail tanker car.

Temperature Control: The controller ranges from 125 F to 250 F. The temperature controller is informed by thermocouples at the coil and works by controlling output amps from 20% to 100% of capacity.

Duty Cycle: Device shall operate safely without damage at full power continuously. Coils, cables, and the power driver shall operate within safe operating temperatures without deterioration except it for ordinary wear and tear.

The Device shall operate with the cables under water or immersed in snow. Coils and cables shall operate in an ambient temperature from -35 F to 125 F. Power supply electronics will be either housed in a temperature controlled area (32-95 degrees F) or can be outfitted with built-in temperature controlled equipment at an additional charge.

The device shall operate safely and without damage with a variation of the supply voltage of +/- 10%.

The power electronics cabinet shall have an emergency push-to-OFF button with a large head. A remote emergency button will also be provided for mounting and location by the customer.

Electromagnetic emissions from the device shall meet US Federal standards for power emissions.

The device shall be safe for a person standing 10 ft. away from the coil (or at the operating console, located at least 10 ft. from the coil.
Factors affecting Heating Times:

Ambient Weather. Uninsulated tanks absorb and radiate heat faster than insulated tanks. The cooling effects of precipitation are more pronounced on uninsulated tanks.

Fluid Characteristics. Liquids vary in their stubbornness or resistance to sensible temperature change. The heat of fusion, heat of vaporization, density, melting temperature, specific heat before melting, the specific heat after melting and latent heat of melting are different for different fluids. Please note that viscous liquids (e.g. tar) may require the heater to cycle down until sufficient convection occurs.

Convection. Heating times are shortened with more convection and lengthened with less convection.

Hydra Heating Industries LLC guarantees that the Induction Rail Tanker Car heater heats the fluids in a standard, uninsulated, carbon steel, general purpose rail tanker with 80% efficiency. If the induction tank car heater does not perform as specified, and HHI fails to fix or replace the Induction Tank Heater, it may be returned for a full refund.