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Hydra Heating Industries is built on innovation.   The company is dedicated to innovation, research and development with a flow of intellectual property (over 20 patents filed in 2015).   We are inspired by our customers.

Helping you do what you do and save you money doing it is our goal.

Hydra Heating Industries, LLC.
575 Pharr Rd # 550864
Atlanta, GA 30355.

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The Team

Shafik Ladha
Chairman & CEO
48+ years in Industry, Business and Banking

Michael Hoffman
Inventor, President

Dr. S. W, Ph.D. University of MN (to be awarded early 2016
(Thermodynamics, focus on Water)

F. P. MS – Purdue – (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Purdue University
MS, Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering, Minor in Computer Science and Engineering
8 corporate patents

S. M.
Heater Operator
Field Experience, Holds MSA’s.
1 Patent

Dr. G.D. Yale
Material Science

Dr. J. C. P.E. Texas
Hydraulics – Fluid Mechanics, 30+ years
1 corporate patent

Dr. J. Per.
Ph.D University – (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Ph.D., Aerospace
BE/MS, Fluid Mechanics

J. M., Design Engineer
30+ Years’ Experience
2 patents
Designing mechanical devices and electronic circuit boards.