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100 BHP Boilersmith Boiler inside sea container with 10 year limited warranty
100 BHP Boilersmith Boiler inside sea container with 10 year limited warranty

Hot Water, Steam and Portable Steam Units to heat a rail car, Induction, Exchangers

We understand that every application is slightly different, which is why we put lots of work into matching your needs to the right equipment.

We enable our clients to clearly visualize the boiler, water heater, or induction equipment and we anticipate any additional needs or custom design features before manufacturing begins.



Steam and Hot Water, portable steam boilers and portable hot water

Available in various configurations.  Fewer service calls and fuel efficiency is key.  Our innovation in steam and hot water is simplicity without sacrifice.  Better performance without being over or under-engineered.

Michael, this magnetic insulation is " genius". 

Specifying Architect

Magnetic Insulation

"I love working with you guys"



Send us the prototypes and we'll take them to the shows.  No one else has solved the problem of insulating Quonset Huts.

Steel Building Manufacturer

Magnetic Insulation

Please quote me another one.  I appreciate you always helping, no matter what the problem. (Customer bought two units in 2011.)

ISO Tank Supplier

Inside look at Hydra portable steam boiler room
Inside look at Hydra portable steam boiler room

Tips and Tricks for Transloading Liquids and washing tanks

Every month we post a newsletter.  In some issues, we ask leading heat transfer experts to "break it down".  In others, we discuss the components and equipment necessary.  Sometimes we highlight engineers.  Occasionally we'll scour the web for items like the best ways to transload wax or other liquids.

If you transload liquids, you'll love our newsletter.

It's all informative, useful information.

Innovation drives our products to be faster, work better and offer more efficiencies



  The new 2017 Pass-a-Fire produces about 42 BHP of hot water.  It is an efficient method of water heating two rail tank cars at the same time.  The cost is lower because it runs at atmospheric pressure. Self-contained - it needs no additional support to go to work.  Sturdy, with known sub-components, it is built for ease of maintenance and longevity. 


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Hydra's intellectual property portfolio spans heating with a variety of methods.  Induction, Hot Water, Steam and Heat exchangers.  Tools like Argon Welding Chambers (Sparky).  A few eclectic items too, like passive solar garages and magnetic insulation

Canada contains some of the best craftsmen in the world.  Artists really.  Our fabricators put their names on their work, posting it on Facebook, and their websites.  Worldwide, these are the great artisans and craftsmen (and craftswomen) of our generation.