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Hydra Industries Group (HIG) is a progressive IP and manufacturing company.

We developed a pioneering electromagnetic heating technology that we call HYDRA+.  Our patent-pending solutions for conditioning, process, transfer, and handling liquids is interesting.  HYDRA+ solutions are particularly interesting in the oil and waste oil industries.

Inductive heat separates fluids and reduces viscosity. With our application specific in-line induction heating, HYDRA+, save money and process time.  HYDRA+ is useful in a wide range of industrial applications.

Features and Benefits of Hydra Induction

Hydra's Patent pending induction systems use the metal tanks and pipes as susceptors to transfer controlled heat to liquids.

With specially designed systems we heat asphalt, bitumen crude oil, waste oils and other liquids in containers like pipes, over the road tank trailers, and rail tank cars.

Hydra "conditions" oil and other fluids too.  "Condition" is different from a process.  If we process we change the chemical make up.  If we condition, we separate or mix, but we do not use our heat for process changes.

Processing makes sense for the Patent Pending Hydra Induction systems in some cases.  Because our temperature is limited to the metallurgical capabilities of the vessel, we can heat pretty hot.  Hot enough for supercritical water.  Hot enough for pyrolytic conversion too.

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Induction or Electromagnetic heating came into its own during World War II. Powerful induction systems smelted metal, and finely tuned induction systems help fasten the top to Asprin bottles.  Induction heating works on the same principles as the transformers that are seen in everyday use.

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