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Our Story

We started with hot water for rail tank cars. Then we offered direct heat exchangers for frac tanks large and small. The wind whistling down the aisles of frac tanks needed bumpers to stop the cold wind.  Induction or electromagnetic heating was discarded for the frac tanks but makes sense for heavy oils as a way to escape the diluent penalty. Using the same technology for over the road trailers makes sense too because it expands the reach of the market for the asphalt providers.

We ran into customers that clean rail tank cars and have the preliminary design and patents pending for a stand alone two tank car at a time – tank car cleaning trailer.

Customers came and asked for a heated solvent bath,  an argon welding chamber, paint barn, and other tools.  For fun, we tackled dispensing caps and nano-encapsulating phytosterols so that one can drink beer and lower cholesterol levels.  Probably license out this project. Call if you are interested.

The hot water for rail tank cars has gone through iterations over the past five years.  The present Pass-a-Fire has a pleasing shape, is self-sufficient, and easy to use.  Some of our customers needed steam instead of hot water.  We searched North America, and the best provider of portable steam rooms is located in Quebec Canada.  We sell these in the USA.  Check out the photo essay of the latest build.

Seems like a good idea to join today’s technology with our “old school” machines and we have, in progress, tracking and monitoring equipment.

After a couple of winters in North Dakota, it became obvious that passive solar garages (for tools, RVs, machines) might be desired.  Found a national designer, and he likes the idea.  Working through the problems and expect to have the A-Ray house on the market soon.