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Argon Welding Chamber – Sparky-I

When you receive a direct request from the US Department of Defense the answer is always “yes”.  Hydra Heating Industries was asked to design and build the Sparky-I Argon Welding Chamber.  Manufactured in Mobile,  AL the Sparky-I is built by American craftsman that take pride in their work.

Sparky-I is designed to provide an inert Argon atmosphere for the precision welding of reactive metals and non-reactive metals. The patent pending purging process of the chamber allows the Argon gas to expel atmospheric gasses like oxygen efficiently and quickly while saving money on operating costs.  This was achieved by combining a unique patent pending manifold design , with a counter-intuitive flow to the base of Sparky-I and then through the perforated holes of the two piece work floor. The Argon Gas is dispersed three times before it enters the chamber.  Other Argon Welding Chambers that rely on the diffusion method require more gas to create a satisfactory Oxygen level.

HIG’s purging by displacement uses less Argon gas than purging by dilution.  In alternative Argon purge chambers,  a turbulent flow mixes the Argon and Oxygen (purging by dilution) and with more mixing of gasses, the more Argon it takes to create a purer Argon Gas Chamber atmosphere with low parts per million.  This is known as “purging by dilution.”  Sparky-I aims for a less turbulent flow of Argon by creating a laminar (non-turbulent) flow.  This method is known as “purging by displacement.”  Sparky-I gently directs the Argon to the bottom of the chamber and lets it rise through a carbon steel perforated floor.  The Oxygen is evenly forced up and out with ease and efficiency!

Ergonomically, it is better to work bent toward the workspace.  The Canadian Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) published information about the best welding position while sitting.  If one draws a centroid line through the graphic, the inclination is 70⁰.  The inclination of the workspace front of Sparky-I is 70⁰ in order to maximize any potential use and consideration for its welder.   Sparky-I follows best ergonomic practices as promulgated by OSH.  The United States recommends that workers may avoid musculoskeletal disorders with good ergonomics.


-Less Argon Usage Offers Less Expensive Operating Cost

-Efficient Workspace Saves Time & Money

-High-Quality Welding Chamber, Each Model is Tested and Proven Before Shipping

-Good Ergonomics

-Tough, Durable & Built from familiar and proven materials

-Easily Replace Windows Built from Tough, Clear & Durable Lexan

-Looks Great & Has a Powder Coated Finish

-One year limited warranty

Hydra Industries Group stands behind every piece of equipment they manufacture.  Your Sales Executives are always available, even after the sale, to help you with any questions that may arise, final assembly (if applicable), troubleshooting and preventative maintenance!

Hydra Industries Group – Sparky – I Argon Welding Chamber