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For tanks and rail tank cars we have portable steam boilers, hot water, and electromagnetic heating.  For cleaning, please see the patent pending Nozzler.

Magnetic insulation keeps tanks warm and is useful in metal buildings like Quonset Huts, as well as cabinets, pipes, and straight or curved walls.

The Sparky, our patent-pending glove box argon chamber is famous for its size, operational savings, and work-horse sturdiness.

Please feel free to contact us about our products.  Custom work is available too.

(888) 694-9372

Hydra's intellectual property portfolio spans heating with a variety of methods.  Induction, Hot Water, Steam and Heat exchangers.  Tools like Argon Welding Chambers (Sparky).  A few eclectic items too, like passive solar garages and magnetic insulation

Canada contains some of the best craftsmen in the world.  Artists really.  Our fabricators put their names on their work, posting it on Facebook, and their websites.  Worldwide, these are the great artisans and craftsmen (and craftswomen) of our generation. 

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